About Us

The Cheesy Amigos


block of cheeseOur product is a result of our love for cheese. We started this cart with the hopes of sharing a love for food and what results from it. Our sandwiches are all based around cheese and made hot on our panini press.

We’ve made a strong effort toward using the best quality products found around the world. Two of our favorites are cheeses that are New York based, from Yancey’s Fancy, the Strawberry Chardonnay Cheddar and the Buffalo Wing Cheddar. 

Our bread is from the San Diego local bakery Bread and Cie. They have a retail outlet in Hillcrest, which we highly recommend. We order our bread to be baked fresh daily, giving you the best quality sandwich we can.

The paper products we use are 100% recycled and will be recycled again if you place them in our waste bins. Likewise, we will recycle all glass and aluminum you discard with us. While we’re on the ecological side of things, if required we have vegan options for events, as well.

We offer some refreshing beverages choices and are willing to bring whatever you like to events, including fresh squeezed lemonade, home brewed tea, and bottled waters.

.Lastly, our produce comes from Farmer’s Outlet right near Friars road and Mission Gorge. They use California farmers and allow us to have the freshest produce possible everyday. Stop in if you get a chance, they sell to anyone, and have amazing prices for garden plants and produce.